Sunday, June 16, 2013

Working on color and texture

Its summer time which means not much time for blogging!  But that's ok, I would much rather be spending time with my hubby, kids and friends,--well, lately it seems mostly my kids friends, but that's good too.

It's funny how as your kids get older their season in life seems to direct your season in life.  I guess they are really all interrelated.  When our children where young we took them everywhere with us, they learned to adapt to our lives and our schedules, it was our friends who dictated their friends and our lives dictated their lives.  And it was good, I believe it gave our kids the ability to function in an adult world, to be other person centered, to be confident and to not intimidated to go down the paths in life that were presented to them.

And now, as they embark on their lives as young adults (sophmore in college and Junior in high school) I am seeing that things have shifted a bit. Yep, Dave and I have moved from being focused or centered around our friendships to being focused around our children's (young adults) friendships. For example:   "Mom, Dad, can so and so come to the lake with us?".  "Mom, Dad, can so and so come over?"  "Mom, Dad, I am home for the weekend, what do you want to do?"  You see all of a sudden its not Dave and I telling them who is coming to the lake with us and what we are doing this weekend as a family, nope, it is Dave and I giving of ourselves to make room for the emerging adults and their friends. Ha!  I think I actually like it though.  It is for but a season, I realize this, and, I for one, am going to enjoy this season in life with as much joy and gratitude that I enjoyed the others.  Well, maybe a bit more joy and gratitude because I am older and wiser and am more able to see the times as fleeting.

In a couple of years it will be back to Dave and I having a little more say in things, but for now.....I will gladly enjoy the fruit of some of our labor and enjoy watching the two young adults we raised be young adults.  What a blessing.  I am so thankful to God for HIS steady hand through all the "rough patches", because there were some rough patches, and I am so thankful to for a greater understanding of HIS unwavering love.  It is amazing sometimes to think that God cares for lil' ole' me and my lil' ole' family.  But HE does.  Man does HE ever.

Well having said all that I have a couple pictures to post.  I've been working on some great glaze combinations.  I love the Robin's Egg blue with the honeycomb accents on the two prep bowls that I did.  I have them sitting on my kitchen counter and the more I look at them the more I love them.  The blue is a matte finish and the inside honeycomb and random honeycomb color on the outside is a gloss, beautiful.

Hope you enjoy the photos. I have some really neat hand built peices I am working on and will be firing them next week with the kids camp pieces.  Until then here is my new favorite color combo.

And now I just have to share a picture of the latest Salsa/Condiment bowl....for me, it makes you want chips and salsa just by looking at it.  If I hadn't just eaten a great Father's Day dinner I could go for Mexican!  Bon Appetit.

So, have some friends over next weekend (maybe for some pulled pork on the bar-b and some chips and salsa), whether it be your friends or your kids friends.  Embrace the life God has given you, relax, give to others, know God loves you unconditionally, (HE desires you to know that) and....enjoy some pottery!!!! (either making it or admiring it.)  There is nothing better than nurturing the God given desire to create, after all we are made in HIS image and HE loves to create!!


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