Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer, Summer

On Sunday we returned from our Roatan vacation.  We left rainy Atlanta, it's pretty much rained here all summer--so far--and headed for Honduras.  Nope, not for a mission trip, simply for some R&R and some sunshine, and we got both!  After two days of snorkeling, our desire to venture on out and see more of the world under the sea, was peaked.  The idea to take a Discover Scuba class became the forefront of our thoughts....well except for my daughter who had her reservations--naturally.  However, after one day of contemplating the SCUBA option we were ready to go, we could do it.  Off we went.  We headed into West End, hit the Coconut Tree Dive shop (which everyone raved about) and signed up for the next available "Discover SCUBA" class. "Discover SCUBA" consists of classroom time, skills practice in the shallow water just off the beach and a deep water dive. We got all signed up and we ready to go. When our SCUBA day arrived we excitedly, well maybe apprehensively, headed back to Coconut Tree Dive shop.  We tackled our classroom time, learned how to get our gear checked out and on--it is heavy!!!!, practiced our skills in water about 8' deep, came back, had lunch and then headed on out for our "deep" water dive. Ok, WOW.  Can you say Incredible!!!!

Now we only went down 28 feet (My son went on two dives, his second dive he went down 40 feet.....I am so jealous!!) but even at 28 feet, the world underneath the water was mesmerizing.  It is one thing to see it at an aquarium or in videos or in pictures, but it is another thing to see God's awesome creativity, of this other world, up close and personal.  The colors.....breathtaking.  The creatures......amazing and intricate.  Just when I think I am getting an understanding of God and how wonderful and incredible HE is, HE shows me more.  This time HE showed me more in a very physical and tangible way.  Not just by showing HIS goodness but it was like HE was showing me a little bit of HIMSELF personally (yes, I know HE is not a person but I don't know how else to state it). Truly amazing. 

I don't know how this transitions into pottery, expect that it definitely expands my desire to be creative.  I am reminded that God is creative--very creative--and we are created in HIS image, so we all have that creativity and that love of beauty within us. The ability to create is from HIM, the love of beauty is from HIM!  We all have it.  Not everyone thinks they do, but hey, YOU DO!!!  Use it.  Find an outlet where you can give it a try.   

Romans 8:22 tells us that all creation groans and is eagerly waiting on God.  ("For we know that all creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time.).  I never really totally could relate to that, however, it is starting to become alive to me, I can see and say that there is a spiritual aspect to ALL of HIS creation. 

Ask God to show you what you can do to let that artistry and passion that is within you flow out.  Remember it is in you, you have HIS nature and it is in HIM.  Then when HE leads you, or sends you opportunity, or puts something across your path or in your thoughts, PURSUE IT! Kill Fear. GO FOR IT.   Remember, wanting to do something and actually doing it are two different things.  Wants mean nothing--well, actually, they mean frustration--until they are acted upon.  Happy Creating!!

(Just in case you're curious: )

Here are some of my latest "creations". 

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