Friday, September 13, 2013

More Pictures for Pintrest

I met with Jim and Tony of Table Talk, Senoia, GA, today and we did a little "photo shoot" for an ad in Fayette Woman Magazine--coming out in October.  (Photo shoot sounds a little goofy but I honestly couldn't think of another way to put it!).  I have to say I really like Jim and Tony.  Tony is decorator extraordinaire.  I suggested he offer his services over the Christmas season to decorate homes for the holidays.  He told me that he actually DOES do that.  Hmmmm.....I think my house would look magnificent if he could have the afternoon arranging and's a cool thought at least.

I brought to the store a few new pieces, two of the new luminaries that I pulled out of the kiln last week, they are amazing, (well I think so and Jim too because he held onto them to sell).  They really look great with the flameless candles in them, I keep the candles on timer so they go off every night when it gets dark. Again, one of those special little things that adds a smile to your face.  Jim also kept some of the yellow pieces that I brought in.  A client had placed a custom order for yellow, so I brought in a cream and sugar set as a sample to clear the color with her.  Jim liked the cream and sugar set so he held on to it.

I took a few photos and started to post them on Pinterest when I decided it would be so much easier to just upload them to the blog and then link from the blog to Pinterest.  So that is what I am doing.  I may end up completing  this over the next couple of days.....or I may get them all posted today, depends on how much time I can carve out to do this.  But either way here are a few to start out with.......

Simple and pure pieces.  
they add so much to any setting.  
Simplicity is beautiful....ahhhh..... 

Citrine creamer and sugar bowl.

Summer's glow creamer and sugar bowl.  Larger version than the Citrine set.

Turquoise on dark clay.

A River Runs Through It creamer and sugar bowl with lid. 

Ravishing Red Sponge Holder.  
Sponge holders are the bomb and so functional!  Trust me they keep your sponge smellies...and they look good too!


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